MozFest 2015 Feed

MozFest 2015 Insights

The 2015 edition of the Mozilla Festival has come to an end... A full spectacle of innovation, design and open comunities working together to make the Web a better place, and mantain this virtual ecosystem we spend most of our time in.

We are pleased to have taken part in such huge event and we will be waiting for next year's edition to discover more amazing stuff, and hopefuly here to tell you again.

Erika, Online Journalism for the forth year in Mozfest

We met Erika on Saturday evening, she is working with her team in developing new waves for Online Journalism integrating it with new online publishing techniques, check them out because they do a great work and they are wiling to tell you about it!


Luke from Mozilla tells us about new developments and Open Practices

We have been talking to Luke from Mozilla this morning at Ravensbourne about the project he is working on, a tool for programming and playing music visually, is designed in a fancy child looking, but we have seen many adults having great fun with it. Really interesting, don't miss him and his team on level 5, you will definitily have fun with them!!

Conversational session with Trisha Prabhu

We sneaked into Trisha's talk (more like a conversation between colleagues). She is 15, from Boston, and developed ReThink! An app to PREVENT cyberbullying. A must-see of this MozFest2015

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Hacking Games Workshop by Matteo Menapace

We have been at Matteo's workshop about hacking games, helping us understand being a hacker does not need to be something negative, but should be understood as a way to improve something, either a piece of software, service or even a BOARD GAME.

With tools that helped us develop our algorithmical thinking, this workshop went through different techniques to hack simple games like "rock-paper-scissors", or more complex ones like "Bits n Bytes" and also self-crafted like his prototype "Beesness".

Constructive, and enjoyable workshop that covered aspects of Open Practices and Inclusion.


The Mozilla Festival 2015 has started!!

And with it, a lot of brilliant minds and passionates about the web and the digital world had arrived to show their latest works and developments in their respective fields.
The festival will keep running until Sunday evening and there will be loads of interesting talks, masterclasses, demonstrations, speeches… a must see bunch of knowledge!!.

Come along and enjoy this amazing festival, the biggest in the world for Mozilla!Catch up on our social channels on the right to be updated on everything happening at Ravensbourne this vibrant weekend.